Rank Pages in a Directory by Occurrence of a Particular Word in them – Java Data Mining

This is an example of Data Mining with the help of Java.

We’re calculating the number of occurrences of a specified word in all the files in a specified folder, and then ranking them accordingly.

  • We’ve used the class FileInputStream to stream the data from a file and the class StringBuffer to buffer the streaming bytes from the file and form 1 long string out of it.
  • Class File for getting all files in a folder and enlisting them in an array
  • Variable iCh is an Integer variable and will store the ASCII value for the current character.
  • Make sure to provide the full path to whichever folder you want to access.(Eg. C:\Mining)
  • Only use files and folders which you’re sure you have access to


  • Debug using Command Prompt/Eclipse/whichever compiler as an administrator to get over Access Denied exceptions.
  • Use method equalsIgnoreCase(word) instead of equals(word) to make it work case-insensitive.
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