Find s=1/2 + 3/4 + 5/6 + 7/8 + 8/9 + 9/10. in C#

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A program to sort an array of integer in ascending and descending order in C#

Output:- Given List: 23 45 76 32 90 34   Sorted List: Ascending: 23 32 34 45 76 90 Descending: 90 76 45 34 32 23

Rank Pages in a Directory by Occurrence of a Particular Word in them – Java Data Mining

This is an example of Data Mining with the help of Java. We’re calculating the number of occurrences of a specified word in all the files in a specified folder, and then ranking them accordingly. We’ve used the class FileInputStream to stream …

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Print all the Data from a MySQL Table in an HTML Table using PHP

What we are using here: MySQL database: –MySQL Username: root –No MySQL Password –Database Name: PracticeDatabase –Table Name: Contacts And 3 echo statements to print the HTML table. The code:

  Output: Have a better way of doing this? …

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